Improvisational theater, like all theater, is a visual medium.  Many times we rely on the words to move a scene along, but it is the actors and how they react to each other and the scene that really makes the audience feel and become one with the characters.  What we've been learning to do is how to move a scene along without dialogue.  To show how the character is feeling instead of just saying it.  This may be acting 101, but try improvising an entire scene that way!  It's difficult, but it can be done.  And when it's done correctly, it is a beautiful experience. 

We took this idea of improvising without dialogue and decided to see if we could create an entire story in which the main two characters never NEED to speak. Please note that our goal was never for each project to be a "silent" film, other characters do speak, but just to tell a story visually.  Because we DO love the classic silent films which used the art of physical comedy to tell a story, our two leads embody physical comedy in every sense.  They are klutzes and goofballs who understand one another in their own unique way. The stories they tell are pushed along physically and emotionally.  

We hope you enjoy what we have created!